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The bathroom is somewhere were there is traditionally a LOT of plastic. This amazing box of goodies will change that!!! 

In the Eco Smiles Box you will find…

🌱  4 Bamboo Toothbrushes

Made with MOSO bamboo which is sustainable and biodegradable and those cute little pandas DO NOT eat this type of bamboo. When finished, just pull out the bristles with pliers or snap off the head and throw the handle into your compost to biodegrade. Unfortunately the bristles are made from mostly Nylon so they need to go into your normal rubbish.

🌱  An Eco Dental Floss Duo

In each cute little glass vial you will get 30 metres of eco floss. With 2 types to use interchangeably you are spoilt for choice!

– the white floss is made from cornstarch and flavoured with natural mint

– the black floss is made from bamboo and coated in charcoal

🌱   Copper Tongue Scraper

Your tongue health is just as important as looking after your teeth. Scrape that baby every morning & see what comes off. We lose a lot of toxins through our tongue and for beautiful breath give it a good scrape. 

🌱   Bamboo Stand

Your toothbrush wants to stand up loud and proud! Use this stand to do so

🌱   Bamboo Travel Cover

Keep your toothbrush clean and happy in it’s own travel case. It features a drainage hole at the end to keep it dry. 

🌱  100% Organic Mint Tooth Paste- 100ml

Collaborating with ‘Love Beauty Foods’ who have provided this luscious, all organic, Aussie Made toothpaste that comes in a glass jar which can be reused when finished. Treat those pearly whites with love and feel good about what you are putting in your mouth. Your kids will love it too! 

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