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The Ironic store was opened with the idea we just wanted people to swing by, say hi and smell the flowers as well as have the opportunity to buy some pretty cool shit.

The moment you walk through the door you just go ‘wow’. We wanted to create an environment where people remember the feeling of just ambling around, picking up things, smelling those scented candles, having a chuckle at the quirky sayings, seeing your long lost friend and just having a chat.

So what’s in store at 213 Rosebery Street in Tokoroa? Ironic is stocked with stuff for your mum, a new born baby, the favourite teacher, your best friend or hey just treat yourself! A present or gift idea for any occasion; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, Birthdays, Christmas or a Wedding! We have that unique gift idea for any celebration. Homeware, giftware, gift boxes, a florist, indoor plants, baby gears, kids toys, toiletries, as well as our very own clothing label – Ironic. Our range caters for anyone and everyone. 

So if your life is fast paced, be that thoughtful person that decided to click and shop here; Ironic.